We did it!

TAAT™ will be in stores in Ohio this month,
giving legal-aged smokers the choice to
keep the experiences they enjoy, while
leaving nicotine behind.

Tobacco Industry Acumen

Key players from leading tobacco companies are leading TAAT™’s mission to compete and build market share in the tobacco industry

Building Value Through Innovation

The Beyond Tobacco™ base material of TAAT™ undergoes a 14-step process to taste and smell just like tobacco, which includes a patent-pending refinement technique

TAAT™ and Beyond Tobacco™

Enjoy a smooth and satisfying tobacco-free and nicotine-free experience that tastes as well as or better than traditional tobacco products.
Experience the Difference.

Conversation with CEO, Setti Coscarella

TAAT™ Global: Invest in Nicotine-Free Innovation

Under the administration of experienced leaders from the tobacco industry, TAAT™ Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. has developed a nicotine-free and tobacco-free smoking experience known as TAAT™ , offered in “Original”, “Smooth”, and “Menthol” varieties. TAAT™ is currently being launched in the United States, starting in Ohio. More information regarding TAAT™’s accomplishments to date and current business objectives can be found in our Investor Relations section.

Market Summary: TAAT™ Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd (CSE: TAAT)

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