Experience the Difference.

TAAT™ Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes provide a smooth and satisfying nicotine-free and tobacco-free smoking experience. The cigarettes, which are available in three classic tobacco flavours, have been expertly engineered to replicate the tobacco smoking experience:

  • Nearly identical product and packaging format
  • Audible “crackling” sound when ignited to mimic tobacco
  • Pleasing tobacco-like scent
  • Realistic tobacco taste
  • Satisfies “hand-to-mouth” experience and motor habits such as flicking ashes

TAAT™’s cigarettes are currently available for sale to legal-age smokers in the United States.
The products have a lower price point than tobacco cigarettes, addressing the high cost of smoking for consumers, and deliver attractive margins for both TAAT™ and its distributors. TAAT™’s rollout is supported by an innovative digital marketing strategy, an e-commerce site, and a partnership with a major sales agency.

TAAT™’s management team, which has extensive “Big Tobacco” industry experience, is confident that Beyond Tobacco™ represents a disruptive and highly attractive new competitor in the cigarette industry.

TAAT™ shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange and NEO Exchange (TAAT), OTCQX International (TOBAF), and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (2TP).

Conversation with CEO, Setti Coscarella

TAAT™’s Beyond Tobacco™ products have been expertly engineered to replicate all aspects of the tobacco smoking experience.