A Nicotine and Tobacco-Free smoking experience

We are bringing TAAT™, a nicotine-free and tobacco-free smoking experience, to the USD $814 billion global tobacco industry, under leadership with the “Big Tobacco” pedigree. Launched first in the United States in Ohio in Q4 2020, legal-aged smokers will be able to purchase TAAT™. TAAT™ is offered in Original, Smooth, and Menthol varieties.

TAAT™ Global Alternatives Inc.


TAAT™ Global Alternatives Inc.

June 22, 2020

TAAT™ became publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: TAAT).

July 31, 2020:

Former Philip Morris International strategist Setti Coscarella appointed CEO.

August 21, 2020:

Tim Corkum, a former commercialization executive for Philip Morris International is named Chief Revenue Officer.

What is the Smoking Experience of TAAT™?

TAAT™’s Beyond Tobacco™ products have been expertly engineered to replicate all aspects of the tobacco smoking experience.

“At TAAT, we don’t
create new smokers, we give existing tobacco smokers the choice to
leave nicotine behind while keeping the experiences they love.”
– Setti Coscarella, CEO TAAT

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